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Business Process Optimization


Your business processes are an important asset often more valuable than your brand.


As your business changes and grows, business process upgrades become vital to your continued success. There are two primary reasons to engage in Business Process Optimization (BPO). The first is a response to a major problem. The second is preparation for continued growth.


Business process Optimization will:

  • Reduce Cycle Times
  • Reduce Inventory Investment
  • Reduce Space Requirements
  • Provide Better Access to Information
  • Provide New Solutions to Old Problems


Implementation with minimal capital investment offers superior ROI (Return on Investment)


Our Role


We can assist you and your team through any phase of the BPO process.


Our experience allows us to adapt solutions from other industries to your business. We help your team act quickly and decisively to improve your processes and realize business value.


ADAM Technologies, Inc. Business Process Optimization Services means:

  • Creative Process Design
  • Program & Project Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Change Management


Our Methodology


Our goal is to push the envelope of your success - and then push it even further.


Business Process Optimization will help you increase productivity and boost profits with consistent and measurable execution. By applying our proven methodologies, ADAM Technologies, Inc. can help you understand, simplify and automate your business processes.


"Make things as simple as possible - but no simpler." - Albert Einstein


Tools and Techniques


We choose the appropriate tools from multiple disciplines to redesign and optimize your business processes.


We draw on knowledge from fields such as business process re-engineering, value stream analysis, lean operations, theory of constraints, industry best practices, TQM, Sarbanes - Oxley Compliance, GAP analysis and many others, to:


  • Create a process - oriented view of your company
  • Combine functions and eliminate repetitive functions caused by handoffs
  • Optimize the sequence and location of work
  • Setup one-touch data captures
  • introduce process variants
  • Define and evaluate multiple processes
  • Minimize non - value added work checking


Our goal is to help you achieve breakthrough performance.!


Project Life Cycle


We have developed a structured approach to our BPO projects. This approach includes the following phases:


  1. Needs Analysis
  2. Scope Definition
  3. Project Planning
  4. Project Kickoff
  5. As-Is Analysis
  6. To-Be Design
  7. Authorization
  8. Implementation
  9. Feedback/Response
  10. Ongoing Improvement


Product Integration


We never force - fit a software product to your business model.


ADAM Technologies, Inc. provides comprehensive, fully integrated enterprise solutions, specifically designed for your organization. For over 20 years, we have helped companies increase productivity and improve operating efficiency. This methodology does not preclude a recommendation of a software solution that we do not sell or physically implement ourselves. What is of importance to us; is your success and the added value you would receive from the perfect fit solution for your organization.


We utilize a wide range of products in the selection process and utilizing only the ones that meet YOUR needs. We work closely with you throughout all stages of the optimization regardless of whether the need is:


  • New software system selection
  • Systems upgrade
  • Procedural review and implementation
  • Executive and/or Sales/Marketing improvement training
  • Engineering review


Business innovation is full of wild goose stories of success or failure, but in reality most solutions are just shy of insanity! Look at your own enterprise, don't you ever feel like "We can do better than this" in your every day business? But time and again you end up feeling as you have failed in your attempt! There is usually one constant and that is the definition of insanity: "To continue doing the same thing the same way and expect a different outcome"! We can help you break through and make those positive steps forward!

Systems Engineering and Integration


Systems Engineers at ADAM Technologies, Inc provide smooth installation and updates of Exact Software, Microsoft Dynamics, Co-OPTx and many other software systems. In additions to this our engineers are well versed in a avariety of complementary software, hardware and networking products you will need to have an integrated, fully functional computer system.

We provide site assessments and recommendations for corresponding products, as well as, working with core software including operating systems, anti-virus and backup software.  Our knowledge of remote communications processes ranges from setting up internet access to Microsoft Terminal Server, Citrix Metaframe and Co-OPTx.  Our system engineers look forward to helping you optimize your computer systems.

ADAM Technologies, strategic partnership with Microsoft allows us to provide unparalleled expertise to assist our clients with a full range of Microsoft solutions.  Our Microsoft Gold Partner status assures that ADAM Technologies, Inc. will provide you with highly talented technicians in many diverse areas.

Our certifications include:

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers
  • CPA’s
  • Microsoft Certified Professionals in:
    • SQL Server
    • Exchange Server
    • Internet Information Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics Certified Professionals in:
    • CRM Installation/Configuration
    • GP Installation/Configuration and Certified Masters
    • SL Installation/Configuration and Certified Masters
    • RMS Installation/Configuration and Certified Masters
  • Small Business Certified Professional
  • Citrix Certified Administrator
  • CCNA
  • And Many Others

ADAM Technologies, Inc. can handle all of your network and database issues from enterprise solutions, such as, LAN and  WAN design/installation, data integrations that enable business data to flow any direction, manage your installation and upgrades to  Microsoft Dynamics, Exact Software and Co-OPTX products as well as our own custom applications.


IT Planning and Design


From workstations to servers, from local area networks to wide area networks and remote workforce solutions, we have the skill sets necessary to maximize the return on your IT investment.


We will work directly with your team to develop a technology plan that will accomplish your business objectives, grow as your business grows, formulate backup and disaster recovery strategies and be that trusted advisor that keeps your best interests as the ultimate goal in every situation.


Systems Maintenance and Monitoring


Do you feel that your network has a stranglehold on your organization? Does it feel like you can't even boot up your desktop computer without having a hardware consultant or IT staff member on site? Do you manage 25+ desktop computers and servers, but just do not have time to go to every single physical location everytime there is an issue? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.


If you need an IT staff but just can't afford it, we can be your IT staff. Our proprietary support system allows ADAM Technologies, Inc. to quickly and inexpensively fix PC/Server problems with versions of Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Microsoft Server Suites from 2000 through the upcoming release of Server 2008.  Additionally, we can provide remote support of your applications as well.  Our certified staff supports your desktop applications, server applications (i.e. MS Exchange, Sharepoint and CRM) and your Financial/Accounting and ERP systems.

Once you have decided what type of support you wish (one time, monthly or yearly service contract), a highly qualified member of ADAM Technologies, Inc.’s IT Support Team will immediately contact you and start the process. They will remotely access and work with you to fix your computer, finding and fixing the problem with minimal disruptions. This will all be done with a highly secure connection, and you will need to give permission prior to access.

Additional Services Provided:

    • Eliminate viruses, spyware, trojans, pop-ups, and install protection to prevent further infection.
    • Streamline your computer for optimal speed and performance and eliminate processes that are not necessary.
    • Perform O/S, software, and driver updates to ensure the latest security and software updates are installed.
    • Help set up, troubleshoot, and secure networks and hardware.
    • Installation and technical support for firewall software and setup.


    Marketing and Management Consulting